Smarty assign var

Smarty assign var, (6 replies) smarty-general, i want to do something like: $smarty-assign('myobj', $myobj) where $myobj is an object however, later i want to change $myobj (before.

You may use the smarty logo according to the trademark notice for sponsorship, advertising, news or other inquiries, contact us at. {assign var=foo value=smarty} テンプレート変数にアクセスできるのは、テンプレートの実行中か実行後のみです. To access {assign} variables from a php script use gettemplatevars() here's the template that creates the variable $foo {assign var=foo value=smarty. (3 replies) within a template is it possible to assign more than one variables within a {assign var=foo value=smarty} statement also is it possible to initialize. Theme templates and smarty smarty is a php template engine that is sturdy, fast it is possible to assign a variable into a template file (view).

Recently i needed to assign several variables into one smarty variable inside the template here is the basic rules for the example: you have a text that says “your. A smarty templates object array example some of the php logic that builds the smarty variables (note that there is a smarty assign_by_reference method. Because, i need a conditional statement defined in php: if(something) $var = string something else $var = $var2 both var1 and var 2 are smarty variables.

I am using the smarty template engine but need to include a variable into a block of php code contain on a template file the variable contains an array but whatever. How do i add more smarty vars to my theme this allows you to assign variables to your smarty environment though it requires an initial call.

(2 replies) hi, i'm trying to create a variable inside a template (banners_count) and it's value needs to be the number of elements of an array i am using this but. Just so that it's known there is another way too for this really hard ones that the solution above doesn't work for example {assign var=event_1 value.

I was wondering if it was possible to assign an array to a variable within a smarty template file i have tried this {assign var='file' value = array('dir','doc','exe. Note when you assign/register objects to templates, be sure that all properties and methods accessed from the template are for presentation purposes only. Smarty - using foreach with explode php using smarty's foreach and explode i would like to build links like: {assign var=analizefirsttemp value=.

Smarty assign var
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